WHO We Are r é d     wireless     is    a    Michigan    USA   based    small    business        focused primarily in wireless connectivity , Our    members’    experience    spans more   than   77+    years   of   combined     service    in   the   wireless   industry    for many      well      known      operators , hardware       manufacturers        and technology      companies       -      from Canada   and   the   US   in   the   north, to      the      Caribbean      and      South America      markets      -      designing, deploying         and         maintaining   wireless    systems     such    as    macro , small    and    micro     cells,    indoor     & outdoor         Distributed        Antenna Systems   (DAS),   as   well   as   providing end-to-end    solutions    using    new L ong    R ange    ( LoRa® )    W ide    A rea N etworks ( LoRaWAN™ ). We   are   a   collective    of   consultants   with   a   passion   for   quality,   taking great    pride    in    our    work,    with    a vast   experience   and   know-how’    to help    building    owners ,    enterprise developers ,      project      managers , farmers ,    and    community    leaders   that,    like    us,    wants    technology and   business   clear   &   simple .   We cut    through    the    hype’     and    the ‘noise’ , the way it should be for all.        wireless | demystified .
WHAT We Are We    are    proud     Wireless    Rebels ,          family       owned      and      women   empowered             Michigan       small        business,      part      of      the      ever- growing      Detroit      startup      and technology community !
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For more information, contact us : info@redwireless.us
Smart wireless communication solutions
designed for the Internet of Things 
Detroit, Michigan USA
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