and how are you going to connect that?
Smart wireless communication solutions
designed for the Internet of Things 
Detroit, Michigan USA
Remote Monitoring  | Data Reporting  | Custom Alerts
No cellular SIM needed
Indoor/Outdoor longer range
No WIFI connection needed
Big capacity (1000’s / gateway)
End-to-end security encryption
Cold    Chain     refers    to    the    series    of    equipment,    actions    and processes   applied   to   a   product   in   order   to   maintain   its   specific temperature   along   its   trajectory   from,   say,   harvest   to   table ’   in   the case    of    food.    According    to    The    Things    Network     conference    in Amsterdam   in   2019,   about   50%    of   all   LoRaWAN   IoT    use   cases in   the   market   today   are   temperature   and/or   humidity    remote monitoring   -   and   with   good   reason:   A   2011   report   from   the   CDC reported    that    an    estimated    48    million    people    in    the    US    are affected   by   food-borne   illness   every   year,   with   128,000   cases severe enough to require hospitalization.        
Trending and Analysis Real-time monitoring Custom alerts and notifications Phone, tablet or PC capable Access anywhere, anytime
Long battery life (5-10 years)
Fully flexible & cost efficient Small sensors form factor Certified and licensed devices
How does it work  
Network & Platform
Monitoring, Alerts & Reports
Local engineering & support
Additional Features
RF Metadata
RF quality levels
Real-time Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
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