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Almost   every   study   in   the   wireless   industry   today   agrees   that   more than    80%    of    wireless    data     traffic    happens    indoors ’.    And    with    the advent   of   newer,   faster   and   more   capacity   oriented   technologies   such as   LTE   Advanced,   HetNet,   FirstNet   and   WiFi   802.ax   among   others,   the execution     and     convergence     of     them     all     is     paramount     for     the communications future - especially ‘indoors’. And    with    so    many    solutions    available    -    from    Distributed    Antenna Systems,   Small   and   Micro   Cells,   Repeaters   and   Enterprise   Radio   Access Networks - the design part of any project is crucial for its success. Factors    such    as    interaction    between    outdoor    and    indoor    wireless networks,    different    technologies,    operators    and    traffic    demands    all used   at   once   in   the   same   place,   and   coverage   and   capacity   goals   are some   of   the   aspects   in   need   of   detailed   consideration   which   can   only be   achieved   with   fast,   simple,   cost   effective   and   state-of-the-art    design tools.  And    when    it    comes    to    state-of-the-art ,    there    are    two    predominant choices     for     wireless     cellular     design     in     existence     today:     iBwave,   primarily   for   indoors’   cellular   and   WiFi   projects,   and   iBuildNet   for   all projects,   both   indoors   as   well   as   outdoors.   red    wireless   is   happy   to   be certified  in both. Whether    small    business    and    SOHO    projects    (20k    SQFT    or    less)    to medium    sized    (200k    SQFT    or    less)    and    even    larger    projects    all    will benefit   from   a   well   design   plan.   If   you   are   in   need   of   more   information or   a   quote   for   your   next   project’s   design,   simply   drop   us   an   e-mail    with as much of the following information  as possible: 1) Your name and contact info and/or the POC (point of contact) info 2)  Physical address of building(s) / project 3)  Type of Building (hospital, residential, commercial, warehouse, etc) 4)  How many Buildings (just one, or more) and how many floors each 5) Approximate Total Square Foot (SQFT) 6) Approximate Total Occupancy for the building(s) 7)  Are there AutoCAD files available for the building(s) 8) What type of wireless/cellular problems/needs experiencing 9)  How many phones affected and what carrier(s) service(s)? Send in your info and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 
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