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Unsure whether your particular wireless project is even feasible or not Answering   the   most   basic   important   questions   is   the   first   step   in   any/all wireless   projects.   Before   engaging   a   wireless   service   provider   or   design team,   questions   such   as   How   is   the   current   signal   outside   vs.   inside? ’,   What technology   options   can   my   building   support? ’,   How   many   wireless   services   do I   need? ’   and   many   others   must   be   addressed   initially   in   order   to   quickly identify early on what is the real potential for the candidate project. Wireless   service   providers,   integrators   and   design   engineers   have   very complex   and   intricate   business   schedules   that   involve   juggling    dozens   of projects   a   week.   With   today’s   high   emphasis   on   deadlines ,   budgets    and resources ,   many   important   projects   -   especially   the   middleprise ’   /   small to   medium   size   projects   -   will   be   put   on   a   queue’    or   even   fall   though   the cracks’  altogether without even getting to know their full potential. Moreover,   most   of   today’s   contractors   will   not   have   the   time   or   effort   to simply   ‘walk’   a   candidate   project   without   benchmarking    (conducting   highly sophisticated   and   equally   expensive   signal   testing),   even   without   knowing if the project will be a ‘ go ’ or not. For    this    reason    réd     wireless    developed    an    inexpensive,    simple    and efficient   way   to   gather   the   most   relevant   information   of   any   possible project.   Created   in   2014   a   Feasibility   Study  ’,   or   FEAS    for   short,   is   a   study consisting   of   the   1 )   initial   gathering   of   candidate   project’s   information and   floor   plans,   2 )   answering   more   than   50+   extremely   important   and pro-active   questions   based   on   more   than   20   years   of   experience,      as   well as   a   3a )   quick   2   hr   visit   on   site   (approx.   depending   on   project   size   could be   more   or   less)   to   take   photos,   answer   any   and   all   engineering   questions and 3b ) record sample existing ambient signal measurements. Once   a   detailed   F easibility,   E ngineering   and   A mbient   S urvey   is   conducted, a   final   Feasibility   Report  ’   with   recommendations   and   follow   up   guidance will    be    presented,    including    what    technology    solutions    to    be    used, frequencies,    services    and    hardware    configurations    as    well    as    sample signal   testing   results.   With   a   Feasibility   Report   at   hand,   customers   can then    discuss    with    their    wireless    service    operator    account    managers, integrators,   designers   and/or   installers   how   to   proceed,   or   not,   or   even choose our  réd   wireless proposed solution - or not. The choice is yours ! This   fairly   inexpensive   but   highly   effective   study   gives   you   the   flexibility   to quickly   and   accurately   prioritize   and   decide   on   whether   a   project   is   worth pursuing,   and   if   it   is,   how   and   what   to   do   next.   Moreover,   with   more   than 50+   questions,   pictures   and   samples   gathered,   even   if   the   project   is   still put   on   a   queue’ ,   you   can   always   come   back   for   future   reference   thanks   to our highly advanced graphical format and extreme attention to detail. Whether   small   business   and   SOHO   projects   (20k   SQFT   or   less)   to   medium sized   middleprise ’   (200k   SQFT   or   less)   and   even   larger   projects   all   will benefit    from    an    early    feasibility     ‘check’.    If    you    are    in    need    of    more information   or   a   quote   for   your   next   project’s   design,   simply   drop   us   an e-mail  with as much of the following information  as possible: 1) Your name and contact info and/or the POC (point of contact) info 2)  Physical address of building(s) / project 3)  Type of Building (hospital, residential, commercial, warehouse, etc) 4)  How many Buildings (just one, or more) and how many floors each 5) Approximate Total Square Foot (SQFT) 6) Approximate Total Occupancy for the building(s) 7)  Are there AutoCAD files available for the building(s) 8) What type of wireless/cellular problems/needs experiencing 9)  How many phones affected and what carrier(s) service(s)?     Send in your info and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 
20k - 200k
SOHO, Residential
Small Biz, Hospitals, Hotels, Small Cities
High Rise, Enterprise, Commercial, Industrial
    200k - 500k
Airport, Stadiums, Arenas, Tunnels
Actual Customer FEAS
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