and how are you going to connect that?
No cellular SIM needed
Indoor/Outdoor longer range
No WIFI connection needed
Big capacity (1000’s / gateway)
End-to-end security encryption
                        Hospitality    for   most   of   us   means   home   away   from   home ”. And,   as   it   is   in   the   case   of   the   Smart   Home ,   the   ability   to   make one’s    stay    as    comfortable    and    joyful    as    possible    along    with energy   efficiency   and   advanced   technology   is   without   a   doubt an   asset   to   any   hostel,   motel   or   hotel   owner   or   manager.      The benefits   of   predicting   when   a   piece   of   hotel   equipment,   like   a refrigerator    or    AC    unit,    will    have    a    problem    well    before    it happens    is    key    to    keep    guests    happy    and    safe.    Along    with customized   room   amenities   such   as   temperature,   humidity   and others are some of the added benefits of the Internet of Things .        
Trending and Analysis Real-time monitoring Custom alerts and notifications Phone, tablet or PC capable Access anywhere, anytime
Long sensor battery life
Fully flexible & cost efficient Small sensors form factor Certified and licensed devices
How does it work
Network & Platform
Monitoring, Alerts & Reports
Local engineering & support
Additional Features
Real-time Alerts
Real-time Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
 Individual zones
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Remote monitoring of temperature and humidity
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