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The   Internet   of   Things    is   poised   to   be   the   next   big   technology   disruptor’   of   the   century.   It   is   estimated   that   close   to   20+   billions    of   devices   and sensors   will   be   connected   to   the   Internet   by   the   year   2020.   With   these numbers   in   mind   service   providers,   manufacturers   and   engineering groups   are   on   a   race   for   the   ultimate   IoT   technology:   from   cellular   LTE   based   in   the   form   of   Narrowband    ( NB )   IoT   and   Cat-M ,    to   proprietary models   such   as   Sigfox    and   I ngenu   RPMA .   However,   when   it   comes   to long    range ,    low    battery ,    low    cost ,    open-source     applications    there’s another   very   strong   competitor   currently   being   developed   specifically without the need of cellular or WiFi technologies: LoRa. Short   for   Lo ng   Ra nge.    LoRa    modulation   is   a   patented   technology   that allows    for    very    long    ranges    (around    1    to    10    miles)    of    wireless reception   due   to   its   robust   radio   sensitivity   of   -137   dBm   to   -148   dBm. Specifically    designed    from    the    ground    up    for    small    data ,    very    low energy   consumption   of   battery   operated   devices   that   can   last   5,   10   or more    years    on    a    single    charge,    LoRa    uses    a    very    small    factor    for increased    efficiency    that    can    be    used    indoors    as    well,    along    with highly end-to-end secure transmission mechanisms such as AES-128 . Although   the   physical   (PHY)   modulation   used   to   connect   sensors   to LoRa      receivers       (commonly      referred      to      as      LoRa      gateways ,        ‘concentrators’,   ‘base   stations’   or   ‘access   points’),   is    a   patented   and proprietary   technology   owned   by   the   Semtech    Corporation,   the   use   of such   wireless   technology   and   its   application   to   the   wider   area   realm, referred    to    as    LoRaWAN,     is     royalty-free ,    license-free     and    open- sourced    and   standardized    by   the   LoRa   Alliance ,   making   it   one   of   the world’s   most   popular   long   range   wide   area   networks’   technologies used by engineers, enthusiasts and commercial entities alike. réd    wireless   has   chosen   LoRaWAN    as   its   technology   of   choice   for current   and   future   Smart   Wireless   and   IoT   projects.   For   this   purpose we   are   co-founders   of   the   The   Things   Network   Detroit   Community   Group , the   first   of   its   kind   here   in   the   Greater   Detroit    area,   based   on   a   global initiative   by   dutch   LoRaWAN    ‘powerhouse’   The   Things   Network ,   or   TTN   for     short,     in     order     to     promote     and     develop     an     open-sourced worldwide LoRaWAN  collaborative network for the Internet of Things. réd     wireless    has     also     invested     heavily     on     R&D      ( Research     & Development )    over    the    last    years,    testing,    proving    ( and     disproving) what    works    and    what    doesn’t    :    from    sensors,    devices,    gateways, network   providers,   application   platforms   and   solution   providers.   Our thinking    outside    the    [IoT]    box’     mentality    has    allowed    us    to    be    in    a privileged   position   to   know   (and   offer)   what   truly   works   -   which   yields in sound and cost effective solutions to our clients and partners ! If   you   would   like   to   know   more   about   these   and   all   other   IoT   and Smart   solutions,   Proof   of   Concept   (PoC)    and   current/future   projects, please drop us an e-mail below and we’ll get back to you asap !  
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