The    so    called    Internet    of    Things     can    be    many things    -   Indeed.   For   us   at   rēd    wireless    it   means finding    better    and    more    co$t    effective    ways    to connect    individual    sensors     that    measure    things   like   temperature ,   humidity ,   air   quality    and   many other    relevant    variables ,    and    use    this    data     to empower     building     owners ,     smart     cities      and agricultural     farmers      make     better     and     more accurate decisions via affordable technologies .
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We are building one of Michigan’s first non-cellular and non-WiFi based Long Range / Low Power / Low Cost / Long Battery Life  Internet of Things’ Wide Area Wireless Networks for public & private use.
LoRa ®      wireless      technology,      along      with      its LoRa WA N      wide     area     network     open-source architecture,    have    a    much    greater    range     than technologies   such   as   Bluetooth®    or   WiFi    due   to LoRa®    use    of    lower    frequency    spectrum    and smaller   transmission   data   needs   -   such   as   on/off ’, GPS   coordinates ’,   sensor   read   out    or   status ’   and geolocation   messages.   These   applications      do   not require      the      huge      amounts      of      streaming bandwidth   that   WiFi   provides,   which   also   results in a more interference tolerable wireless medium.
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With more than 77+ combined cellular and in building wireless experience, rēd wireless and its partners are now testing and  deploying public and private Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) using Long Range (LoRa®) wireless standard, which is a highly secured and encrypted ‘small data’ technology - ‘small’ in terms of each individual sensor, yet still ‘big’ as it can support thousands of sensors.  LoRa provides a much more cost effective and flexible alternative to cellular LTE-M and NB-IoT since each sensor does not require a SIM chip or card - which can add up especially in capacity applications where hundreds or even thousands of sensors per gateway are expected in the next 2-5 years indoors as well as in Smart Cities and the so called Industry 4.0 and 5G. These cost saving benefits, along with the ‘openness’ nature of the LoRaWAN™ architecture, makes it an ideal technology for the ‘small yet big’ Internet of Things.
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You   can   read   more   about   our   Internet   of   Things   efforts   in   our   IoT    section,   or   if   you   would   like   to get   involved   or   stay   connected   to   this   and   other projects, follow or e-mail us .
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No cellular SIM needed No WIFI connection needed Big capacity (1000’s / gateway) Long battery life (5-10 years)  End-to-end security encryption Indoor/Outdoor longer range ®
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