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                     Medical    offices,   hospitals,   laboratories   and   clinics   are   an           integral   part   of   every   community.   Their   storage   of   vaccines   and medical    supplies    in    temperature-controlled     environments    is critical   for   their   everyday   services.   Freezers,   coolers,   rooms   and zones   that   require   constant   ambient   temperature   and   humidity monitoring,    log    and    reporting    benefit    immensely    with    IoT solutions   such   as   our   remote   monitoring   and   alert   platform. Automation    of    logs    and    reports    not    only    alleviate    the    daily burden,    but    our    smart    alerts    help    act    quickly    to    avoid    loses because of unexpected equipment breakdowns.        
How does it work
Network & Platform
Monitoring, Alerts & Reports
Additional Features
Custom graphics
Trending Analysis
Sensors’ Vitals  
Real-time Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
 Floor plan with individual
  24 / 7 Real-time Monitoring
  color-coded zones layout
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Remote monitoring of assets such as vaccine’s coolers
AES128  bit encryption
LoRa®, the LoRa® Mark and LoRa® Logo are all trademarks of Semtech  Corporation
Remote Monitoring  | Data Reporting  | Custom Alerts
No cellular SIM needed Indoor/Outdoor longer range No WIFI connection needed Big capacity (1000’s / gateway)   End-to-end AES128 encryption Trending and Analysis Real-time monitoring Custom alerts and notifications Access anytime, anywhere  Long sensor battery life Fully flexible & cost efficient Small sensors’ form factor Certified and licensed devices Local engineering & support Open-source (no vendor ‘lock-in’) Standardized global regulation License-free spectrum (ISM) Phone, tablet or PC capable Web-based (no ‘app’ to download) Very scalable (1 to 1000’s) Excellent RF ‘Link Budget’ Fully integrated antenna Tamper & Intrusion detection ‘Over the Air’ configurations
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