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November 3rd, 2019 - rēd labs, Troy MI [updated Nov 24, 2019]
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Troy, Michigan USA
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As   the   2019   IoT   Solutions   World   Congress   in   Barcelona,   Spain    wraps   up   this   week   there   was   a   clear and   evident   “darling   of   the   show”   (as   writer   for   IoT   for   All    Hannah   White   explains ),   and   that   was Industrial   IoT .   From   the   highly   buzzed   AI    and   robotics ,   to   the   more   ‘mainstream’   and   currently available   IoT   applications   of   asset   tracking    and   remote   monitoring ,   the   Industrial   Internet   of   Things   is   proving   to   be   the   main   springboard ’   for   all   kinds   of   businesses   and   service   providers   to   take   that next   ‘leap’   forward   from   Proof   of   Concept ’   to   actual   end-to-end   tangible    solutions.   People   are   not looking   for   technologies,   they’re   looking   for   solutions .”   -   that   was   the   message   delivered   by   the   Executive Director   of   the   Industrial   Internet   Consortium   (IIC)   Dr.   Richard   Soley .   And   we   at   rēd    wireless   couldn’t agree   more,   and   something   we   have   been   advocating   for   the   past   3   years   and,   more   so,   in   this   past year and a half of researching, developing and testing solutions  - rather than technologies . Once   rēd    wireless   identified   the   pro’s   &   con’s    of   all   wireless   connectivity   technologies   back   in   2016   on our   ‘first   steps’   as   a   startup,   we’ve   devoted   time   and   energy   [and   money!]   in   fitting   all   the   pieces   together,    making    sure    they    work    in    unison,    for    a    true    end-to-end     IoT    solution,    which    is    what customers   really   want,   and   staying   away   of   the   this   technology   over   that   one ’.   It   is   precisely   because   of our   sound   and   vast   hands-on    wireless   connectivity   experience   that   we’ve   been   able   to   concentrate our   efforts   in   [soon   to   be]   delivering   actual   tried-and-true   commercial   and   industrial      applications rather than venturing in all sorts of ‘technopolitical’  directions. As   such,   we’re   currently   in   the   initial   phase   of   our   first-ever   Industrial   IoT   solutions   projects    -   two separate   commercial   projects   to   be   exact   !   -   utilizing   RadioBridge’s    next   generation   of   Industrial   IoT Armored   Sensors ®   utilizing   LoRa®    wireless   connectivity   technology   and   LoRaWAN®   open-source communications   protocol   for   longer   range   and   better   battery   life.   These   industrial-grade   sensors   are IP67    rated ,    which    means    that    they    can    be    deployed    outdoors    and/or    in    harsh    commercial environments.   We’ll   soon   update   all   in   our   progress   and/or   more   information   about   these   and   other projects    we’re    excited    to    be    working    on    drop    us    an    e-mail    at    info@redwireless.us .        For    more information   about   Semtech’s   LoRa®       wireless   connectivity   patented   technology   and   RadioBridge’s Armored Sensors® , check them out at the links below