and how are you going to connect that?
Back     in     December     of     last     year     we announced   our   1st   phase    of   testing   the newest         RadioBridge ’s          LoRa®         air temperature     and     humidity      sensors, and     today     we’re     extremely     happy     to certify      their      FULL      integration       with TheThingsNetwork    and   RadioBridge®   for a     complete     rēd     wireless ’     end-to-end   ‘turnkey’   IoT   solution !    Now   our   2nd   phase   of    Proof    of    Concept’     (PoC)    begins    for important    verticals    such    as    Cold    Chain, Real     Estate,     Food     Service     and     many others. For more info e-mail us :
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February 27, 2019 - rēd labs, Troy MI
2019 02 2nd Phase
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Troy, Michigan USA
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