and how are you going to connect that?
Smart wireless communication solutions
designed for the Internet of Things 
Detroit, Michigan USA
Remote Monitoring  | Data Reporting  | Custom Alerts
No cellular SIM needed
Indoor/Outdoor longer range
No WIFI connection needed
Big capacity (1000’s / gateway)
End-to-end security encryption
Smart   home,   building   or   real   estate   refers   to   an   area   in   which   a number      of      interconnected      devices      and      appliances      are monitoring    and    reporting    certain    actions    in    order    to    save money ,   time,    and   energy .   Many   people   look   to   smart   spaces   to make   their   lives   more   convenient   as   well   as   to   minimize   the risks   of   everyday   costly   repairs   such   as   water   leakage,   extreme temperatures   or   humidity   levels   and   security.   From   warehouses, to   basements,   garages,   apartments,   single   family   homes,   offices and   everything   else   in   between,   our   smart   building   solutions   will help you protect your property needs.        
Trending and Analysis Real-time monitoring Custom alerts and notifications Phone, tablet or PC capable Access anywhere, anytime
Long battery life (5-10 years)
Fully flexible & cost efficient Small sensors form factor Certified and licensed devices
How does it work  
Network & Platform
Monitoring, Alerts & Reports
Local engineering & support
Additional Features
Real-time Alerts
Sensors’ Vitals  
Real-time Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
 Floor plan with individual
  detailed areas/zones layout
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