and how are you going to connect that?
No cellular SIM needed
Indoor/Outdoor longer range
No WIFI connection needed
Big capacity (1000’s / gateway)
End-to-end security encryption
                        What   makes   a   city   smart ’   is   its   capacity   of   collecting   data from    connected    sensors,    lights,    meters    and    other    Internet    of Things     devices,    and    analyze    such    data    in    order    to    improve infrastructure,   services,   utilities   and   everyday   citizen’s   quality   of life.   With   new   and   improved   technologies   such   as   Low   Power/Long Range   Wide   Area   Networks    ( LPWAN ),   today’s   smart   cities    can   find cost-effective   alternatives,   with   easier   deployment,   bigger   array of   vendors   and   options,   highly   secured   and   with   a   more   realistic Return     on     Investment’      ( RoI )     expectation     than     with     older technologies.        
Trending and Analysis Real-time monitoring Custom alerts and notifications Phone, tablet or PC capable Access anywhere, anytime
Long sensor battery life
Fully flexible & cost efficient Small sensors form factor Certified and licensed devices
How does it work
Network & Platform
Monitoring, Alerts & Reports
Local engineering & support
Additional Features
Real-time Alerts
On-Demand Reports
Real-time Systems Monitoring
 Actual area photo with
  interactive indicators
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Analyze data from smart lights, meters and sensors
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