Feasibility Walk Before   the   start   of   any      project one   must   begin   by   finding   out how     feasible      the     candidate location   really   is    by   conducting a     preliminary      site     walk     and survey   in   order   to   determine   if or what solution is needed.
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Wireless Design Every    successful    project    must rely    on    both,    a    certified     and well   prepared   wireless   design. réd     wireless    utilizes    the    best      design     tools     in     the     market, iBuildNet    and    iBwave     ,    being certified in both .
Technical Training We       offer       custom       tailored wireless,            cellular            and distributed     wireless     solutions training    to    Sales,    Engineering, Project       Management,       Field, Staffing   &   IT   Specialists   among many others.
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Smart Solutions After     the     advent     of     cellular technologies    such    as    2G,    3G,   4G   LTE    and   now   5G ,   the   world has    embraced    the    disruptive r[ ē ]volution   of   new   Long   Range, L ow   P ower   and   Low   Cost   W ide A rea N etworks ( LPWAN ).
Customer Consult Have     wireless     in-building     or outdoor     wireless     connectivity questions?   Whether   cellular   or IoT,   rēd   wireless   7 7+   combined wireless   and   regulatory   years   of experience     are    at    your    side    to get the answers you need.
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