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réd wireless, llc is proud to be a family owned, woman empowered, minority led Michigan small business!
Marta Rivera, BSS - Capital Investor & Consultant Marta   holds   a   Bachelor   of   Science   Degree   in   Secretarial   Administration   (Magna   Cum   Laude)   from the   University   of   Puerto   Rico.    Now   enjoying   a   well   deserved   retirement,   she   served   for   more   than 30+   years   in   the   United   States   Social   Security   Administration’s   Disability   Determination   System   (DDS)   program   in   San   Juan,   Puerto   Rico.   Devoted   mother   of   three,   she   is   one   of   rēd   wireless   capital investors,   giving   guidance   and   counseling   on   all   aspects   of   our   Small   Business   operations.   Besides rēd’s   support,   she   enjoys   traveling,   learning   new   cultures,   nature,   and   a   passion   for   mandala painting ’.
Verónica Cruz, BASc - COO, Accountant & Consultant Verónica   holds   a   Bachelor   of   Applied   Science   in   Biology/Biology   Sciences   and   an   Associate   Degree in   Tourism   and   Travel   Services   Management   (both   Magna   Cum   Laude)    from   the   Inter-American University   of   Puerto   Rico,    as   well   as   Environmental   Science    studies   from   the   Metropolitan   University of   Puerto   Rico .   Having   served   in   the   US   Forest   Service    for   4   years,   Verónica   has   also   been   key   in helping   various   small   to   medium   size   business   in   areas   such   as   marketing,   social   media,   sales, accounting   and   inventory   for   more   than   15+   years.   Active   in   various   women   community   groups, Verónica is dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable biz ways as well as having a passion for cats.
Robert Larson, BSEE - Sr RF Engineer, Small Cell and oDAS Consultant Bob   holds   a   Bachelor   of   Science   Degree   in   Electrical   Engineering      from   the   Lawrence   Technological University   in   Southfield,   Michigan.   With   more   than   18+   years   in   the   telecom   and   wireless   industry, Bob   has   served   in   numerous   wireless   service   provider’s   market   launches,   including   Philadelphia, Tampa,   Charlotte   and   California   among   many   others.   He   is   primarily   focused   on   red   wireless’ Small   Cells   and   Outdoor   DAS/IoT   applications,   including   Subject   Matter   Expert   (SME)   in   Ericsson LTE,   Commscope   ION   DAS   and   Lucent/Nokia   MCO/MROs.   With   a   passion   for   cultural   experiences,     Bob has traveled to more than 25+ countries in the world.
Luis De La Cruz, CCENT, Network, Network + - Sr IT/IS/WiFi Consultant Luis   is   currently   pursuing   the   last   courses   towards   a   Bachelor   Degree   in   Information   Technology        from   the   Empire   State   College   of   New   York   State   University   in   Saratoga   Springs,   NY   and   holds   an Associate    of    Applied    Science    Degree    in    Network    Technology     from    Bryant    &    Stratton    College . Certified   as   a   Cisco   Entry   Network   Technician   (CCENT)   as   well   as   Network/Network   +,   Luis   is   also pursuing   Cisco’s   CCNA   and   CCNE.   A   highly   talented   LAN/WAN   professional,   Luis   has   been   key   in supporting   medium   to   large   business’   networks   needs   for   the   last   5   years,   including   Microsoft Active Directory & Server environments, Cisco routers, hubs & switches and WiFi applications.
Gary Catalano, BSGE, CPG, EIT - Sr A&E and Regulatory Compliance Consultant Gary   holds   a   Bachelor   of   Science   Degree   in   Geological   Engineering   from   the   Michigan   Technological University   (Michigan   Tech)   in   Houghton,   MI.   Certified   Professional   Geologist   and   a   member   of   the American   Institute   of   Professional   Geologists,      Gary   has   also   served   in   numerous   wireless   and telecommunications    projects,    including    Michigan’s    first    1900    MHz    PCS    roll-out,    as    well    as managing   construction,   regulatory   and   compliance   for   service   providers,   tower   companies   and geotechnical   and   environmental   consultants.   An   avid   actor   and   entertainer,   Gary   enjoys   taking part in small local films and music videos in his spare time.
In Building Wireless & IoT | consult & design
José Cruz, KE8LOE, BE - Founder & CEO, Sr RF Engineer and iDAS/IoT Consultant José   holds   a   Bachelor   in   Electronics   and   an   Associate   Degree   in   Electronic   Technology   from   the University   of   Puerto   Rico .   With   more   than   21+   years   in   the   telecom   industry,   José   has   served   on almost   all   technical   positions   in   more   than   13+   companies   -   from   RF   Technician,    to   RF   Engineer   including   Senior    and   Manager    levels.   Innovator,   inventor   and   patent   holder,   he   enjoys   demystifying   all   things   wireless.   Certified   in   both,   iBwave    and   RanPlan    wireless   design   platforms,   as   well   as licensed   Amateur   Radio   Technician   Class,   José   is   now   heavily   focused   on   developing   Cold   Chain, Smart Cities & Agriculture IoT solutions. An Eagle Scout  and Vigil Honor , he’s also Formula 1 fan.
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