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No cellular SIM needed
Indoor/Outdoor longer range
No WIFI connection needed
Big capacity (1000’s / gateway)
End-to-end security encryption
                        As   more   downtown   dwellers   look   for   new   organic,   green’    and eco-friendly    alternatives    to    the    typical    grocery    store    produce section    visit,    many    national    cities    and    downtown    areas    are turning   to   urban   farming .   From   carrots,   beets,   peas,   herbs,   and everyday   greens,   people   are   not   only   looking   for   local   and   fresh     new    selections,    but    also    to    enjoy    friendlier    green-ways    for walking,   biking   or   strolling   within   their   concrete   jungle .   Detroit    is   a perfect   example   of   such   urban   farming   appeal,   with   thousands   of new   ones   poppin’   in   and   around   the   city.   The   Internet   of   Things    is here to help them grow with a variety of sustainable new ways.        
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Long sensor battery life
Fully flexible & cost efficient Small sensors form factor Certified and licensed devices
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