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                     The   Inter net    of   Things    is   poised   to   be   the   next   big   disruptor   technology,   with   over   48.9   billion   devices    connected   and   in   use around   the   world   by   2023 * .   rēd    wireless   understands   well   the challenges    that    come    from    such    demands    of    sensors    and devices,   especially   in   the   radio   frequency   and   wireless   space   spectrum.    23+    years    of     wireless    connectivity    experience    and counting,    we’re    developing,    testing    and    marketing    end-to-end   smart    communication    solutions    designed    for    many    verticals such   as   smart    agriculture ,   restaurants    &    food   preparation , medical , smart buildings &  homes , industrial  and others.
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Our    FCC    licensed     and     certified     small    form     factor     sensors   communicate    ‘wireless’    using    Semtech’s    LoRa®     Chirp    Spread Spectrum    modulation   that   withstands   very   noisy ’   radio   frequency environments   and   still   retrieve   the   burst ’   messages   -      up   to   100 times    below   the   noise   floor ’.      This   gives   the   ability   to   transmit   for miles    and    penetrate    buildings    and    structures    with    ease.    The sensors    do    not     employ    an    IP    address     but    a    unique    device equipment   ID    ( DEVEUI ),   and   each   is   encrypted   dynamically   and      individually    for   private   communication   with   the   Network   and Software    servers    using    the    same    AES-128     encryption    level    as commercial banks and financial institutions for best security.
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WHO We Are
We     are     proud      Wireless     Rebels ,            family        owned       and       women   empowered               Michigan        small         business,   part   of   the   ever-growing Detroit     startup     and     technology community !
Meet    our    team     :    a    collective     of engineers ,          scientists           and consultants     with    a    passion    for quality,    taking    great    pride    in    our work,   with   a   vast   experience   and know-how’.
Troy, Michigan USA
LoRa®, the LoRa® Mark and LoRa® Logo are all trademarks of Semtech  Corporation
AES128  bit encryption
No cellular SIM needed Indoor/Outdoor longer range No WIFI connection needed Big capacity (1000’s / gateway)   End-to-end AES128 encryption Trending and Analysis Real-time monitoring Custom alerts and notifications Access anytime, anywhere  Long sensor battery life Fully flexible & cost efficient Small sensors’ form factor Certified and licensed devices Local engineering & support Open-systems (no vendor ‘lock-in’) Standardized global regulation License-free spectrum (ISM) Phone, tablet or PC capable Web-based (no ‘app’ to download) Very scalable (1 to 1000’s) Excellent RF ‘Link Budget’ Fully integrated antenna Tamper & Intrusion detection ‘Over the Air’ configurations
Why rēd   wireless   ?  
We   are   wireless   connectivity    experts,   with   over   23+   years    of cellular       and       wireless       design,       integration,       optimization, maintenance    &    troubleshooting    of    paging ,    2G ,    3G ,    4G ,    DAS , Small   Cells    and   LPWAN    IoT   experience.   In   a   IoT Now    January   2020 interview    conducted    by    Robin    Duke    Woolley,    CEO    of    Beecham Research ,      Alistair   Fulton,   Vice   President   and   General   Manager   of Semtech’s    Wireless    and    Sensing    Products    Group,     highlighted    the company’s   vision   of   simplifying   the   collection   of   data   to   the   cloud and   AI,   and   how   connectivity    is   such   an   integral   part   of   this   effort: Without   connectivity    there   is   no   data ,   and   without   data   there   is   no cloud   solution ”.   Alistair   then   named   accessibility ’   as   the   #1   big trend:   The   only   way   we’re   going   to   reach   the   50B,   or   100B,   mark    [of forecast   of   IoT   connected   devices]   i s   by   making   these    [connectivity] technologies   much   more   accessible   to   the   broader   base   audience. rēd    wireless   is   committed   in   bringing   accessible ,   cost-effective   and   proven    wireless   IoT   solutions   to   all,   cemented   on   top   of   our sound wireless connectivity  experience and years of LPWAN R&D .
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