From   trending   cattle   behavior   and   movement   in   real   time, to   monitoring   and   trending   soil   moisture,   temperature,   acidity and   water   quality,   Smart   Agriculture ,   commonly   referred   to   as AgTech ,    is    used    to    enhance    agricultural    productivity,    address agricultural-based   issues,   such   as   food   demand,   and   make   farms more   connected   and   intelligent. ”   -   says   Research   and   Data   firm statista :    The    smart    agriculture    market    is    expected    to    grow    to 23.14    billion    USD    by    2022 . ”.    The    ever    increasing    global    food demands   require   new   advanced   agricultural   operations   to   meet and exceed today’s farm and agricultural challenges.        
How does it work
Network & Platform
Monitoring, Alerts & Reports
Additional Features
Real-time Alerts
Color-coded thresholds
Real-time Monitoring
 Interactive indicators with
  detailed areas/zones layout
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Custom graphics 24 / 7 Real-time Monitoring
Troy, Michigan USA
Smart Agriculture
Remote monitoring of assets like silos and barns
AES128  bit encryption
LoRa®, the LoRa® Mark and LoRa® Logo are all trademarks of Semtech  Corporation
Remote Monitoring  | Data Reporting  | Custom Alerts
“…and how are you going to connect that?
No cellular SIM needed Indoor/Outdoor longer range No WIFI connection needed Big capacity (1000’s / gateway)   End-to-end AES128 encryption Trending and Analysis Real-time monitoring Custom alerts and notifications Access anytime, anywhere  Long sensor battery life Fully flexible & cost efficient Small sensors’ form factor Certified and licensed devices Local engineering & support Open-systems (no vendor ‘lock-in’) Standardized global regulation License-free spectrum (ISM) Phone, tablet or PC capable Web-based (no ‘app’ to download) Very scalable (1 to 1000’s) Excellent RF ‘Link Budget’ Fully integrated antenna Tamper & Intrusion detection ‘Over the Air’ configurations
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