by Josť Cruz, Sr. RF Engineer and Wireless Rebel	 @redwirelessus				 September 2018
Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 - my 10 key points from it
Probably   the   biggest   event   in   the   telecom   and   [now   hottest   buzzword]   Internet   of   Things    (IoT) industries,   the   second   Mobile   World   Congress   Americas    (MWCA)   conference   ‘wraps   up’   after   4 days     full     of     exciting     news,     big     announcements,     colorful     displays     and     lots     of     industry’s commitments.   Being   this   my   first   ever   attendance,   I   must   say   I   was   surprised   with   how   much diversity   of   industries,   verticals,   countries,   applications   and   solutions   were   showcased   within   the cellular,   wireless   and   IoT   spheres:   from   cell   phone   manufacturers,   home   automation   providers and   antenna   suppliers   to   big   names   such   as   Samsung,   Ericsson,   Verizon   and   Sprint.   Still,   there were    some    definite    aspects    that,    in    my    view,    could    have    been    better    especially    having    been involved   in   this   industry   for   over   two   decades.   So,   in   the   most   fair,   direct   and   to   the   point   way possible, here are my 10 most notable key points and their respective ‘score’: 1)   5G    –   I   think   is   safe   to   say   that   the   hottest   and   most   central   topic   of   the   conference   was   without a     doubt     the     ‘already     here’     claimed     by     Verizon     Fifth     Generation      (5G)     of     wireless telecommunications   technologies.   In   fact,   and   in   true   Hollywood   fashion,   probably   the   biggest attention   grabber   at   the   show   was   the   announcement   by   Verizon   in   being   the   first   commercially available   5G   fixed   [home,   that   is]   network   in   the   US .   Ronan   Dunne,   Group   President   of   Verizon Wireless   led   the   way   to   the   carrier’s   ‘fanfare’   speaking   live   at   MWCA’s   third   keynote   conference: ‘The    Fourth    Industrial    Revolution’.    Verizon’s    Ronan    stole    the    thunder    from    all    other    industry participants    by    going    on    stage,    copy    of    that    morning’s    New    York    Times    front    page    in    hand, revealing   their   headline-grabbing   news.    let’s   current   Verizon   customers   in   selected cities   (Los   Angeles,   Houston,   Indianapolis   and   Sacramento)   ‘order   now’   the   home   fixed   (not   mobile) proprietary    version   of   the   carrier’s   5G   service   –   but   will   have   to   ‘wait’   until   October   1st   to   get   it. Having   worked   for   the   carrier   in   the   past,   both   as   a   contractor   and   as   an   employee   in   two   different markets   (Detroit   and   Philly   respectively),   I   wasn’t   surprised   in   the   way   Verizon   decided   to   ‘steal   the show’   by   announcing   a   most   debatable   ‘first’   especially   since   Verizon’s   current   5G   claims   are   based on    a    standard    developed    by    Verizon    and    its    partners    rather    than    the    3GPP’s    5G    New    Radio   specification   Release   15.   As   I   published   in   my   last   LinkedIn   Blog   of   August   3rd,   2018   5G   and   IoT: away   from   the   'hype'   and   into   converGence   and   collaboration ’,   we   must   be   careful   not   to   fall   into the   ‘hype’   of   such   announcements   especially   since   true   3GPP   cellular    5G   is   ‘still   in   the   works’,   as well   as   so   many   other   5G   non-cellular    ‘different   flavors’   that   are   also   joining   on   the   bandwagon   including   technologies   such   as   IoT   LPWAN    and   WiFi   802.11 ax .   Verizon’s   5G   claims   were   only known   to   themselves   as   they   did   not   go   into   technical   details   at   the   conference   into   what   type   of cellular    ‘5G’,    whether    in    part    or    in    whole,    they    are    showcasing    and    –    more    importantly    –    if customers must wait 2 weeks to ‘get-it’, then, is it really here ? As   the   president   of   AT&T   Labs   Andre   Fuetsh   commented   to   RCR   Wireless   in   response   to   his   rival’s announcement:   [Verizon]   seem   to   be   fixated   on   fixed ”.   Still,   I   do   have   to   give   the   top   carrier   kudos for   such   a   bold   move   especially   since   they’re   typically   not   the   risk-oriented   type   in   the   industry, waiting   for   someone   else   to   go   first’    in   launching   a   new   technology,   as   was   the   case   with   the   first   4G   national   launch   (in   the   US   the   first   commercially   available   4G   network   was   Sprint-Clearwire   with WiMax ,   while   the   first   commercially   available   4G   LTE    network   was   a   little   underdog   company called    metroPCS    –    both    ‘firsts’    which    I    had    the    opportunity    to    work    in),    FirstNet     which    was awarded   to   Fuetsh’s   AT&T,   the   first   iPhone   launch   (also   AT&T),   etc.   So   it   seems,   as   it   was   the   case with   T-Mobile’s   4G   non-LTE   3.9G   HSPA+ ’   technology   claims   of   the   past,   Verizon   is   determined   to convince us their 5G ‘flavor’ is the right (and first) one, exactly as I warned in my Aug 3rd blog. But   Verizon   wasn’t   the   only   one   with   bold   and   flashy   5G   displays.   In   the   South   Hall   Conference   of the   LA   Convention   Center   right   in   front   of   the   main   door   was   Sprint-SoftBank’s   ‘jungle’   display   that looked   more   like   a   Disney’s   theme   park   attraction   than   a   show   booth.   Full   with   black    and   gold   giant    ‘5G’    logos    everywhere,    the    fourth    standing    US    carrier    was    also    in    full    5G    swing ’    with everything   anyone   could   ask   for   –   from   Virtual   Reality   and   gaming   area   to   their   own   exclusive LoRaWAN   IoT   In   A   Box ’   display   and   everything   in   between   -   a   real   true   feast   for   the   eyes   –   yet   it would    be    a    lot    better    if    only    this    amazing    display    was    a    true    reflection    of    their    network performance   and   standing   among   the   top   4   US   wireless   carriers   ( which   at   the   time   of   this   writing was   dead   last ).   Once   again,   no   surprise   here   as   I’ve   worked   for   Sprint   since   the   beginning   of   the new   millennium   when   they   were   still   bearing   the   ‘pin-drop’   red   logo,   through   their   Sprint-Nextel merger   and   even   their   first   (and   failed)   WiMAX   4G   rollout   –   more   than   10+   markets/cities   in   the   US, including   a   first   in   Puerto   Rico   &   the   US   Virgin   Islands   –   so   it   is   safe   to   say   I   know   Sprint   well. Nonetheless,   the   future   looks   bright   for   Sprint   since   they   have   Tokyo   based   giant   Softbank   with them   on   their   corner,   and   are   currently   underway   in   full   densification   mode   with   thousands   of new small cells and massive MIMO rollout in partnership with 5G NR manufacturer Nokia. Along   with   big   Be   5G ’   themed   displays   from   Ericsson,   as   well   as   a   full   T-Mobile’s   ‘TechTruck’   (a   full sized   truck   with   The   Future   of   Wireless ’   themed   mobile   stage   on   it),   I   got   the   overall   impression   that 5G,   whether   true   3GPP   or   not,   is   prone   to   be   more   ‘hyped’   than   its   predecessor   4G   LTE.   At   least   4G LTE   had   the   most   important   part   of   it,   LTE ’,   in   it   whereas   ‘5G’   especially   on   the   case   of   cellular   and NB-IoT   which   are   completely   based   on   4G   LTE   (with   the   addition   of   other   technologies   such   as Massive    MIMO,    LAA,    and    beamforming)    is    being    pushed    as    a    completely    New    Radio ’    (NR) technology,   which   to   me   is   a   bit   misleading   for   cellular   since   it   seems   more   a   continuation   of   what 4G   LTE   couldn’t   achieve   in   the   last   8-10   years   than   a   brand   new   built   from   scratch ’   technology   - which it isn’t. So, for that reason alone I give all the 5G MWCA hype  only a 5 [G] out of 10 .   2)    IoT    –   If   5G   was   the   hottest   topic,   then   the   most   likely   follow-up   word   was   IoT .   The   Internet   of Things,   or   IoT   for   short,   was   in   full   display   at   Mobile   World   Congress   Americas.   Alongside   the typical   cellular   providers   and   their   5G   displays,   there   were   other   non-cellular    IoT   players   and other    Long    Range,    Low    Power    Wide    Area    Networks    (LPWAN)    device    manufacturers,    software developers, network connectivity and service providers. Home   Automation   was   also   a   big   part   of   the   MWCA,   with   many   offerings   and   displays   such   as California’s    based    tuya     –    which    even    though    claim    to    be    protocol-agnostic ’    had    a    hard    time understanding    the    value    and    specific    business    case    benefits    of    non-2.4    GHz     spectrum-based technologies     (WiFi,     Bluetooth     and     Zigbee)     in     a     casual     conversation     with     one     of     their representatives.      As   it   is   the   case   with   5G,   IoT   different   takes   and   ‘flavors’   sometimes   fails   to address   the   most   important   and   basic   question   of   them   all:   what   is   really   IoT ?   And,   moreover,   what flavor   of   IoT   (from   connectivity,   to   network,   to   software   platform,   and   everything   in   between)   fits me, the end user, the customer, the most and how can I make it work more efficiently? I   had   the   opportunity   to   discuss   in   detail   these   very   questions   –   both   to   educate   and   to   be educated   –   on   what   IoT   really   is   and   how   it   can   help   clients   with   specific   applications   find   the   best solutions.   With   so   many   players   interested   in   expanding   on   the   whole   Internet   of   Things   universe, the   future   seems   promising   for   these   non-typical-cellular   based   technologies   alongside   its   cellular counterparts, although a lot more education needs to take place: score 8  out of 10 . 3)    Education    -   Speaking   of   education,   one   of   the   biggest   surprises   to   me   was   the   ‘inclusion’   of   the local   community   in   its   own   ‘backyard   held’   conference.   Los   Angeles   transport   chief   and   general manager   Seleta   Reynolds    was   one   such   included   keynote   speaker   on   behalf   of   the   very   city   we were   all   enjoying   –   and   one   that   is   determined   to   be   the   5G   capital ’   with   long   term   plans   within the   next   10   years.   Along   with   the   current   demands   and   challenges   she   and   others   are   facing   in   an aspiring   5G   city   such   as   Los   Angeles,   Seleta   stressed   the   need   to   explode   and   hack ’   the   ways   all   the key    players    collaborate    with    each    other:    We    need    to    create    new    spaces…to    have    honest conversations ”; agreed ! But   to   me,   personally,   the   best   and   probably   the   most   relevant   keynote   of   all   was   from   educator and   journalist   Dr.   Esther   Wojcicki ,   another   Los   Angeles   ‘local’   and   teacher   invited   to   MWCA2018. Dr.   Esther’s   presentation   was   not   only   frank,   straight   and   to   the   point   (the   way   we   @réd   like   it)   but also   filled   with   facts   and   live   examples   such   as   the   current   system’s   creation   of   sheep   and   followers instead   of   teaching   students   C ollaboration,   C ritical   thinking,   C ommunication   skills   and   C reativity. As   she   puts   it,   the   big   four   C’s ’   are   the   skills   we   want   students   to   have   today   to   be   able   to   shape the   5G   world   we   want   –   today   and   tomorrow.   Her   TRICK ’   teaching   model   is   one   all   cities   especially   aspiring   ‘Smart   Cities’   in   my   view   -   should   follow,   and   for   this   she   points   out   we   all   must work together ”. I couldn’t agree more ! This    GSMA    and    MWCA    inclusion    of    local    government    and    teacher    entities    with    such    sound experience   and   wider,   broader   view   of   the   total   technology   ecosystem   –   from   student   to   CEO   was a definitive conference ‘ slam-dunk ’ – 10  out of 10  on this one from me. 4)    Empowering   women    SDG   #5 –   As   a   perfect   segue   way   from   key   point   # 3    above,   this   year’s MWCA   was   very   keen   in   promoting   gender   equality .   In   fact,   and   following   the   United   Nations initative   of   Sustainable   Development   Goals    ( SDG s),   the   GSMA   MWCA’s   efforts   were   evident   in   their promotion   materials,   general   displays   and   even   their   website   and   phone   app   of   UN’s   SDG   #5.      And almost every participant at the conference did  take notice. I   had   the   opportunity   of   attending   one   of   many   Welcome   Mixers ’   ,   and   the   diversity   of   participants, especially    very    empowered     and    entrepreneurial     women    such    as        Jennifer    Noble    and    Irene Scoseria,    was    a    real    testament    of    how    corporations    are    embracing    equality .    Another    such example     I     witness     was     that     of     in-building     wireless     systems     manufacturer     Advanced     RF Technologies    ( ADRF ).   More   than   half   of   ADRF’s   booth   representatives   at   any   given   time   were   highly knowledgeable ,    energetic     and    friendly    empowered     women    like    Amber    Garstka    who    had    a passion   for   telling   her   side   of   the   ADRF   story.   Along   with   their   male   counterparts,   such   as   Sales Director   Gabriel   Guevara,   they   all   seemed   genuinely   following   in   the   vision   of   ADRF’s   current President,   Julie   Song,   a   STEM    Engineer   herself   and   advocate   for   Women’s   Business   Enterprise (WBENC)   and   Minority   Business   Enterprise   (MBN) .   An   expert   in   distributed   cellular   and   public safety   systems,   I   had   the   honor   to   meet   Julie   in   person   and   was   delighted   to   see   how   she   mingled with    the    rest    of    the    ADRF    group    as    one    and    the    same ’.    Having    worked    for    more    than    14+ companies   in   the   last   23+   years   I   know   well   how   extremely   important   this   is   for   employees’ empowerment  and motivation . Along   with   the   local   Los   Angeles   women   from   key   point   # 3    before,   all   of   these   entrepreneurs, sales,   engineers,   marketing   and   technology   women   that   were   present   at   Mobile   World   Congress America   are   proof   that   we’re   all   heading   in   the   right   direction.   réd   wireless   prides   itself   of   being women    and   minority   owned    and   empowered    small   business   and   it   is   our   pleasure   to   join   in   this effort   and   to   do   our   part   for   this   and   the   many   other   UN   and   GSMA’s   sustainable   goals.   I   give   a   9   out   of   10    on   this   one   because   there   were   still   booths   and   participant   companies   without   1   single woman    within   their   ‘ranks’.   Although   a   very   small   number,   there   were   some   fairly   well   known ‘players’   in   the   conference   that   were   all   men   and,   in   my   view   after   having   a   conversation   with   some of them, seemed ‘proud’ of that fact. Not good sirs, not good… 5)    No   Poverty    SDG   #1    –   Still,   not   everything   is   fine   in   the   land   of   milk   and   honey’    as   they   say. Another   UN   and   GSMA’s   SDG   is   No   Poverty ’,   yet   it   was   evident   from   the   moment   I   left   the   airport and   on   my   way   via   taxi   to   the   Convention   Center   area   that   the   gap   between   dream   and   reality   on this one item is still a major concern. Based   on   an   article   by   the   Los   Angeles   Time    earlier   that   year,   LA’s   homelessness   surged   75%   in   the last   six   years ,   a   crisis   the   article   explains   has   been   decades   in   the   making.   The   newspaper   goes further   into   the   issue   by   stating   that   as   much   as   3   of   4   homeless   people    –   41,000    –   l ive   in   cars, campers,   tents   and   lean-tos ,   by   far   the   biggest   single   group   of   unsheltered   people   in   any   US   city ”. This,   along   with   the   evidence   of   ‘under   the   bridge’   settlement   presence   at   every   major   over   pass   I witnessed   while   en-route   to   LA   and   one   starts   to   wonder   if   the   UN   and   GSMA’s   SDG   efforts   will   be ‘enough’ to do something about it. It   would   be   easy   to   begin   the   finger-pointing,   blame,   and   responsibility   along   with   the   passing   of judgment   over   this   delicate   and   most   disturbing   fact.   But   as   one   of   MWCA’s   information   and guidance   excellent   ‘helpers’   and   California   native   Germán    told   me   himself   at   keynote   #1:   this [problem]   seems   to   have   escalated   in   the   last   couple   of   years,   affecting   all   walks   of   life   –   not   just   the ‘typical’   poor.   It   wasn’t   like   this   when   I   was   growing   up ”.   Indeed,   from   losing   jobs,   homes,   retirement and   pension   plans,   the   typical   Californian   homeless   can   be   anyone   from   anywhere   nowadays.   The increasing   financial   gap   between   those   at   the   top ’   and   the   rest,   our   nation’s   current   state   of   affairs along   with   having   one   of   the   highest   shortage   of   homes   available   in   the   country,   LA   is   faced   with   a most   difficult   dilemma   –   one   that   officials   and   philanthropic   groups   have   been   trying   to   bring   to terms, housing more homeless people than ever before since 2014. As    I    pondered    about    this    reality    while    at    the    same    time    enjoying    in    the    comfort    of    my    air- conditioned   seated   environment   and   glazing   at   the   huge   conference   screen   in   front   of   me   with   the message   Imagine   a   Better   Future ,   I   couldn’t   help   but   to   tell   myself   We’re   lucky   to   be   here ’.   And much   like   red’s   home   city,   Detroit,    LA   and   others   must   find   ways   to   use   technology   for   fighting hunger   and   homelessness.   So,   for   this   ( myself    included)   I   give   us   a   5    out   of   10    because   there’s   so much more to be done, and if we, the ‘lucky’ ones, don’t do something about it then who will? 6)    Connectivity     –    If    5G    and    IoT    were    the    main    guests    of    honor    at    Mobile    World    Congress Americas,   then   connectivity ’   was   their   special   guest.   And   how   can   it   not   be,   without   connectivity (wired   or   wireless)   then   there’s   no   5G   and   IoT.   More   so   when   it   comes   to      events   such   as   this   one inside one of the biggest convention centers in the United States. As   soon   as   one   walked   in,   whether   from   the   West   or   South   entrances,   one   could   not   miss   the temporary   (and   quite   clever   I   might   add)   high   capacity   WiFi   access   points   with   directional   antennas mounted   on   sound/speaker   system   tripods.   Carefully   placed   and   (heavily)   cabled   along   miles   of indoor   space,   you   could   assure   connectivity   thanks   to   the   placement   of   each   AP   every   50   to   100 feet   from   each   other.   In   fact,   I   was   able   to   connect   in   real-time   to   red   wireless’   website   from   one   of the many hallway seating areas with a very reasonable upload speed. Yet,   and   where   it   mattered   the   most,   inside   the   South   and   West   booth   displays   areas,   the   story was   a   much   different   one.   In   fact,   the   problem   with   WiFi   connectivity   inside   the   South   Hall   was   so bad   that   at   a   meeting   within   ADRF’s   booth   we   were   forced   to   switch   from   WiFi   to   cellular   in   order to   be   able   to   access   the   internet   after   getting   frustrated   with   the   no   Internet   connection ’   dinosaur icon – and I never turned WiFi back again for the remainder of the conference. We   can   go   on   all   sorts   of   directions   here,   discussions   about   interference,   capacity,   solutions, technologies,   etc.   At   the   end   of   the   day   if   you’re   carrying   out   the    conference   about   ‘i ntelligent connectivity ’ you always have to be able to ‘connect’ seamlessly. Period. No excuses. 6  out 10 . 7)   Facilities    –   Not   only   wireless   ‘connectivity’   was   an   issue   at   MWCA   2018   inside   the   Convention Center,   but   there   were   other   not-so-obvious   key   points   that,   again   and   taking   into   consideration this is the biggest telecom conference in the Americas, could have been better addressed. In   a   complex   full   of   Internet   of   Things   solutions,   providers   and   manufacturers,   one   could   not escape   the   irony   of   finding   ‘automated’   systems,   such   as   bathroom   faucets   and   paper   dispensers, not   ‘following   the   hand   commands’.   In   fact,   I   was   able   to   count   at   least   2   sensors   in   one   single restroom   not   working   at   all.   Add   to   that   the   overboard   level   of   paper   collecting   on   top   of   the restroom   garbage   bins   hour   after   hour   and   the   need   to   bring   the   IoT   solutions   from   display   area to   ‘discharge’   one   becomes   extremely   more   apparent   -   especially   when   Los   Angeles   International Airport has already addressed this problem by installing its own IoT ‘restroom rating’ system ! Another   disappointing   issue   was   the   lack   of   seating,   chairs   or   tables.   Don’t   get   me   wrong,   there were   areas   in   the   common   walk   ways,   halls   and   inside   both   display   halls   that   provided   for   seating, eating   and   working   -   there   were   simply   not   enough   of   them.   And   considering   the   incredible   open space   areas   that   were   still   available,   more   chairs   and   tables   wouldn’t   have   hurt.   More   so   after walking   in   ‘nicer-than-normal’   shoes   for   48+   hours.   People   simply   decided   to   take   to   the   stairs, walkways,   and   front   ways   floors   much   like   an   airport   concourse   waiting   area.   The   need   to   compete for tables and share their use between eaters and workers was not ideal. As   a   last   item   I   must   not   leave   out   the   shocking   discovery   of   $10   price   tag   for   a   bottled   beer ,   and not   even   draft!   Yes,   I   understand   completely   I’m   in   LA,   home   of   the   Lakers   and   the   Kings,   right   next to   the   Staples   Center,   close   to   Hollywood   and   all   that.   But   I   wasn’t   watching   a   basketball   or   hockey game.   I   was   at   a   telecommunications   conference   which   its   admission   was   certainly   not   free.   So,   if   a simple   beer   was   ten   dollars   then   I   can’t   imagine   what   others   paid   for   a   heavily   iced   Jack   and   Coke… although, I have to say, the food was very good. 7  out 10 . 8)   Organization    –   Having   pointed   out   all   the   less-than-ideal   items   above,   I   must   give   credit   (where it    is    due)    to    the    organizers,    helpers,    guides,    information    and    all    others    involved    at    MWCA Convention   Center.   There   were   hundreds   of   men   and   women   staged   at   various   key   areas   and intersections   ready   to   answer   any   and   all   questions.   Armed   with   Ask   me ’   jackets,   purple   ties   and big   friendly   smiles,   I   never   got   lost   or   misguided   –   and   believe   me,   the   place   is   so   big   it   is   not   hard to   find   yourself   lost   more   than   once!   But   I’m   happy   to   say   that   never   happened   thanks   to   all   these personnel, workers and volunteers. Moreover,   every   sign   inside   the   Convention   Center   was   perfectly   placed,   every   kiosk   and   booth labeled, and both traditional paper and phone-app guidance was excellent. Thank you! Full 10 ! 9)   4   Years   From   Now   (4YFN)    –   Another   great   initiative   from   GSMA’s   MWCA   2018   was   the   inclusion, as    it    was    the    case    with    minority    groups,    government    and    education    entities    and    many international   participating   countries   such   as   China,   India,   Korea   and   Turkey   (all   with   presence   at the   halls),   for   a   second   year   of   the   platform   4   Years   From   Now  ’   ( 4YFN ),   an   initiative   to   strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem. More   than   a   third   of   the   showcase   space   at   the   West   Hall   was   set   aside   for   startups,   investors, corporations   and   public   institutions   dedicated   in   creating   new   ventures.   Big   names   such   as   KPMG, CBS,   Comcast   and   Qualcomm   were   sharing   the   stage   with   more   than   100+   startup    technology companies   from   all   parts   of   the   globe   showcasing   their   products   and   services   to   a   highly   relevant audience.      Knowing   well   firsthand   the   impact   and   importance   of   emerging   and   startup   small businesses,   it   was   very   comforting   seeing   the   full   support   of   the   industry   in   our   efforts.   And although   réd   wireless   did   not   participate   actively   within   the   4YFN   booths,   it   is   in   our   radar   for   next year. 10  out of 10  on this; well done ! 10)   Los   Angeles   –   Thank   you!    Finally,   I   must   close   with   the   overall   experience   (being   a   first)   at   the City   of   Los   Angeles   and,   most   importantly,   its   people.   Someone   once   said,   what   makes   a   Smart Building   smart   is   the   people   inside ’.   I   will   add   to   that,   what   makes   a   ‘5G   Smart   City’   smart   is,   without a doubt, its people, the culture, diversity and energy - one that’s palpable in the LA air. From   the   moment   I   left   the   airport   on   Tuesday,   my   first   ever   taxi   ride   into   town   (and   into   traffic that   wasn’t   as   bad   as   I   thought   it   would   be   even   at   rush   hour!),   to   the   hotel   welcome,   everyone   I met    on    the    streets    or    at    the    corner    stop,    the    coffee    shop,    the    incredible    eateries    (I    highly recommend   El   Cholo ’   authentic   Mexican   restaurant   on   S   Flower   St   for   their   service,   Margaritas    and seafood   enchiladas!!!),   to   the   people   servicing   and   working   at   the   convention   center   –   all   in   all offered their proud LA smile for free. Walking   the   five   or   so   blocks   from   the   hotel   to   the   Convention   Center   through   the   streets   each morning   gave   me   the   opportunity   of   being   a   local   for   a   couple   of   days,   and   I   felt   safe,   welcomed and   part   of   the   neighborhood.   The   city   reminded   me   a   bit   like   Detroit:   a   mixture   of   very   old   (and,   I mean,   very   old)   buildings   right   next   to   new   trendy   ones,   with   2   or   3   more   luxury   NY   style   high   rises in   a   row   under   construction   thrown   in   the   mix.   Los   Angeles   definitely   has   something   going   on   that can   be   ‘felt’   by   those   who   pay   attention.   Lots   of   work   ahead,   no   doubt   as   Ms.   Reynolds,   Dr. Wojcicki,   Germán   and   my   ride   back   to   the   airport   ‘Berto’   shared   this   week.   But   it   is   precisely because   of   these   and   all   of   the   other   hard-working   Los   Angeles   folks   that   made   MWCA   2018   a reality that I feel confident their 5G Smart City aspirations are in good hands.  11  out of 10   Total :  81   out of 100
Verizon’s Ronan Dunne @ MWCA
T-Mobile’s TechTruck  
LA’s Seleta Reynolds  @ MWCA
Dr. Esther Wojcicki  @ MWCA
réd ’s ‘ What is IoT? ’ video
rēd ’s José Cruz  (left) alongside AD RF ’s Gabriel Guevara  and Julie Song  @ MWCA
Lots of ‘wire’             in ‘wireless’
LAX ’s own restroom IoT system
$ 10 for a Dos Equis -  you’re gonna stay thirsty my friends.
10  10
3GPP 5G Release 15
       Los Angeles Convention Center, California
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