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November 5th, 2019 - José Cruz - Wireless Rebel, Troy MI
Holt, Michigan USA
OpenSignal’s Brendan Hill
 Michael Powell, former FCC Chairman
Just   as   we   predicted    a   little   over   a   year   ago   on   LinkedIn   and   on   our   website   blog   page,   the   5g   ' hype ' thermometer   has   ' reached   a   fever   pitch ',   this   according   to   Commscope   in   their   latest   webinar   :   " 5g Under   the   hood:   underestimated   challenges   for   5g   deployment ".   Certainly,   this   should   not   come   as   a surprise   to   all   whom   have   given   attention   to   the   ongoing   5G   ‘drama’.   After   a   year   of   Verizon's   5g ' firsts '   claims   we   personally   witnessed   at   MWCA18   (and   ' blogged '   about),   the   reality   of   their   true   first mobile  5G deployments in action so far paints a more realistic picture on social media c|net’s Verizon 5G review - Apr 5, 2019                Marques Brownlee’s 5G Explained & review Add   to   this,   the   confusion   of   what   flavor ’   of   5G   is   true   5G    ( or   not :   Verizon's   ‘first’   5G   was   ‘5G TF ’,   or Technical/Technology   Forum ,   their   'own'   pre-version   and   not   true   3GPP   5GNR ;   AT&T   began   rolling   out smart   phones   with   a   '5G E '   logo   for   ' Evolution ',   which   basically   meant   it   was   4G   LTE   Advanced   with Carrier Aggregation , etc) and you certainly have a recipe for US market 5G disaster. Compounded   with   the   US   government   pressure   on   5G    to   domestic   wireless   carriers,   ‘allies’   and international   network   manufacturers,   the   ongoing   saga   with   Chinese   5G   manufacturer   Huawei ,     and   we're   already   witnessing   the   first   signs   of   5G   'rushed   related   stresses’    as   OpenSignal    just   came out   sounding   the   ' 5G   hype   and   false   claims '   alarm   in   their   latest   interview   at   MWCA19   -   calling   the whole   marketing   campaign   approach   ' harmful '   and   one   which   has   seen   the   US   5G   connection figures crawl  to a mere 1% of the time use  in contrast with, say, South Korea's 20% in just 1 year . 3GPP’s   5G   certainly   has   all   the   right   ingredients   for   the   next   wave   of   wireless   telecommunications standards,   but   as   former   FCC   Chairman   Michael   Powell    said   in   an   interview   with   Slate    early   this year   where   he   expressed   skepticism   over   the   wireless   industry’s   hype,   5G   is   25   percent   technology, 75   percent   marketing. ”   We   couldn’t   agree   more.   But   this   is   not   exclusive   only    to   the   cellular   sector: WiFi   is   WiFi   6    now   instead   of   802.11ax    and   Comcast’s   new   service   is   dubbed   Cable   10G .   All    the marketing   folks   are   really   outdoing   themselves.   Still,   when   75%    of   the   whole   US   5G   effort   in   just   one year   -   from   MWCA18   to   MWCA19   -   has   been   directed   solely    at   attracting   consumers   to   a   premature and    rushed    product    with    all    the    marketing    bells,    whistles    and    unfulfilled    promises    we    still remember   from   4G   LTE   more   than   a   decade   ago,   and   only   the   last   quarter   percent    going   into actually    delivering   on   that   promise,   well   then   none   of   these   results,   again,   should   come   to   a   surprise to anyone. Sad but expected (and real) nonetheless. And   this   is   where   we   are   today   in   5G   and   we   think,   surely   by   now,   the   ‘damage   control   teams’   of   all involved   would   have   been   summoned   by   the   'realists   in   the   room’   and   on   their   way   to   better   efforts - and, if nothing else, the US needs to be 'first' on that  worldwide -  1 03/26/2021 Verizon begins selling mmWave spectrum , and whether that represents a withdrawal from the original 5G plans is unclear 2 03/22/2021 Nearly 1,000 5G smartphone users in South Korea are alleging poor quality of service , seeking legal action against carriers 3 06/28/2021 The telecom industry needs more qualified workers  to build [5G] the networks and sell the services, FierceWireless’ Marek 4 08/25/2021 Many operators still hesitant on transitioning to standalone 5G , 3 years after all the industry’s ‘ 1sts’  claims, RCR Wireless 5 03/17/2022 Kagan: Where are [the] promised 5G wireless speeds?  4 years after its inception, RCR Wireless’ Jeff Kagan reflects on it 6 03/24/2022 Qualcomm: 3GPP completes 5G NR Release 17  The third installment of the 5G standards reached ‘system design complete’ 7 07/29/2022 5G for wireless vs 10G for terrestrial messaging  gets confusing even when it’s technically comparing apples  with oranges
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