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March 27th, 2020 - José Cruz - Wireless Rēbēl, Troy MI
Troy, Michigan USA
How    much    our    entire    global    landscape    has    changed    in    only    a    couple    months    is    really    a    huge understated     thought.     What     seemed     only     doomsday     material ”     for     the     latest     action     thriller blockbuster’s   plot   has   become   our   everyday   lives.   The   whatifs    and   couldbes    have   all   been   answered and,   sadly,   suffered   by   all   -   literally   as   I’m   writing   this   piece.   Yet,   and   following   the   same   blockbuster theme narrative, as the Elven Lady  says - “ Hope remains…while company is true …”. Indeed. Amid   the   current   health   crisis   that’s   sweeping   the   globe,   everyday   businesses,   citizens,   workers   and volunteers   from   all   walks   of   life   have   come   forward   and,   in   the   blink   of   an   eye,   transformed   the   new normal    into   a   new   reality .   Virtual   global   conferences   such   as   TeleSemana’s   BCN   Latam    ,   the   biggest telecommunication   online    virtual   event    in   Latin   America   (its   5th   edition)   just   wrapped   up   last   week, with   dozens   of   sponsors,   partners   and   speakers   among   thousands   of   participants   and   following   a canceled   Mobile   World   Congress    in   Barcelona,   Spain   only   just   a   month   ago.   Businesses   of   every   size, big     and     small,     have     retrofitted ’     their     processes     to     sponsor     Small-Office-Home-Office      (SOHO) environments    (something    we    at    rēd     wireless    know    very    well).    Social    media    platforms    such    as YouTube,   Twitter,   Instagram   and   Facebook    become   the   ‘mainstream’    (something   we   all   knew   already), and    now    the     actual    mainstream    are    even    using    them    to    promote    their    late    night    shows, entertainment   pieces   and   programming   :   Social   Distancing”    style.      And   probably   best   of   all,   we’ve even   discovered   an   awesome   new   app ’   hidden   from   view   inside   our   smart-phones   :   a   telephone . Signs that, in heavy troubled times, we’re more connected  than ever when we’re [ forced to be ] apart. But   there’s   another   even   more   profound   aspect   of   this   new   reality,    one   that   strikes   very   close   to   our own   rēd    wireless   heart ’   :   how   truly   [in]valuable   remote   monitoring    and   Internet   of   Things    solutions have   become   in   these   times   of   highly   restricted   physical   and/or   manual   interaction   with   one   another, with    machines    and    our    workspaces.    And    much    like    everyone    else    doing    their    every    little    bit    to contribute to the cause, rēd  wireless is also doing what it can. Just   last   week   we   implemented   a   new   Industrial   Smart   Wireless   Remote   Monitoring    solution   (deployed in   less   than   an   hour ! )   using   our   end-to-end    AEP /LPWAN   based   platform,   in   collaboration   with   our partner   Rhino   Wireless ,   to   one   of   Michigan’s   top   Geo-technical   engineering   firms   who   can   now   safely keep an   eye from a distance ’ to one of their most critical temperature-controlled  testing tanks The   world   may   be   experiencing   one   its   worst   and   most   challenging   chapters   in   history,   but   in   the process   we’re   all   [ forced   to ]   finding   new,   better   and   more   efficient   (and   safe ! )   ways   to   be   connected electronically    even   when   we   can’t   be   socially.   And   maybe   that’s   precisely   the   lesson   in   all   of   this   :   for us to find the human and technological  bright side in a new normal that isn’t normal at all .
The new normal isn’t normal at all.
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