Founded   in   2016,   réd   wireless’   goal   was   to   research,   test   and develop   the   latest   in   home,   commercial   and   smart   automation solutions   -   backed   by   our   more   than   20   years   of   cellular   and wireless    industry    experience .    And    after    the    first    2    years    of frustration   with   less-than-practical   boxed’    offerings   and/or   limited solutions   that   did   not   meet   even   the   most   basic   of   professional expectations,   we   set   out   to   develop   an   encrypted,   end-to-end   wireless   home   and   office   remote   monitoring   Internet   of   Things   (IoT)   solutions   -   including   off-the-shelf’    sensors    and   gateways , network   connection    and   cloud   application   platform .   3   years later,   in   2022   -   with   a   global   pandemic   and   economic   recession   - we   achieved   just   that   with   the   strictest   of   budgets,   bootstrapped’ ,     SLA / QoS    ‘clouded’ ,   tested   and   secured   solution   -   something   only less   than   22%*   of   small   to   medium   sized   companies   will   ever attempt !  
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WHO We Are
We     are     proud      Wireless     Rebels ,            family        owned       and       women   empowered               Michigan        small         business,   part   of   the   ever-growing Detroit     startup     and     technology community !
Meet    our    team     :    a    collective     of engineers ,          scientists           and consultants     with    a    passion    for quality,    taking    great    pride    in    our work,   with   a   vast   experience   and know-how’.
Holt, Michigan USA
  Our very demanding list of features, based on our own vision and experience:
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Remote Monitoring   &   Smart Automation
Now,    with    all    the    lessons    learned,    the    feedback    from    our partners,   wealth   of   data   collected,   the   many   trials,   errors   and overall   experience   of   3   full   years   of   R&D    in   our   tool   belt,   we   are pushing   ourselves   even   more   in   2022   and   beyond   by   letting   go   of the   last   remaining   proprietary’    pieces   of   this   very   challenging   IoT and    automation    industry    ‘puzzle’    in    taking    the    first    steps    of developing    our    very    own,    fully    in-house ,    non-proprietary ,    non- vendor-locked    in ,    100%    open-sourced ,    secured,    encrypted,    and (most    of    all ! )    affordable    for    all    end-to-end     wireless    remote monitoring    and    smart    automation    commercial    solutions . With    an    ever    changing    landscape,    full    with    global    challenges, pressing    demand    for    easier,    sensible    and    community    driven technologies,   we   now   strive   to   finally   fulfill   our   initial   vision   -   with a   long,   demanding   list   of   features   that   (in   our   opinion)   are   no longer considered a luxury in this work-from-home  (WFH) new era:
Since 2016