The   Internet   of   Things    (IoT)   is   poised   to   be   the   next   big   technology disruptor’    of   the   century.   It   is   estimated   that   close   to   48.9   billion devices    will   be   connected   and   in   use   around   the   world   by   2023 . With   these   numbers   in   mind   service   providers,   manufacturers and    engineering    groups    are    on    a    race    for    the    ultimate    IoT technology :   from   cellular   LTE    based   in   the   form   of   Narrowband   ( NB )   IoT   and   Cat-M ,    to   longer   range    models   such   as   Sigfox,   LoRa   and   I ngenu   RPMA .   When   it   comes   to   long   range ,   low   battery ,   low cost     applications    there    are    very    strong    competitors    currently being   developed   specifically   to   fill   the   gaps ’   left   by   cellular   or   WiFi technologies for home, office, commercial and Industrial IoT . Long   Range   Wide   Area   Networks    (LPWAN)   are    technologies   that   allow   for   very   long   ranges   (around   1   to   10   miles)   of   wireless reception   due   to   their   robust   radio   sensitivity    of   -137   dBm   or better.   Specifically   designed   from   the   ground   up ’   for   small   data   and    very    low    energy    consumption,    LPWAN    operated    devices’ batteries   can   last   5,   10   or   more   years   on   a   single   charge.   These LPWAN    technologies    uses    a    very    small    factor    for    increased efficiency   that   can   be   used   indoors   as   well,   along   with   highly   end- to-end secure transmission mechanisms such as AES-128 . rēd     wireless    has    chosen    LPWAN     technologies    for    current    and future   Smart   Wireless   and   IoT   projects.      rēd    has   also   invested heavily    on    R&D     ( Research    &    Development )    over    the    last    years, testing,   proving   ( and    disproving)   what   works   and   what   doesn’t   : from   sensors,   devices,   gateways,   network   providers,   application platforms   and   solution   providers.   Our   thinking   outside   the   [IoT] box’    mentality   has   allowed   us   to   be   in   a   privileged   position   to know   (and   offer)   what   truly   works   -   which   yields   in   sound   and cost effective solutions to our clients and partners !
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