Basic Principles of Distributed Antenna Systems Duration 11 m 27 s
Distributed   Antenna   Systems,   or   DAS,   have   been   keeping   us connected   indoors   for   years   now.   Yet   the   very   basics   of   how and    why    we    deploy    these    systems    escapes    even    the    most savvy   of   engineers.   Let   red   wireless   demystify   it   in   this   very short,   simple   introduction   on   DAS   (Warning:   this   material   is explained   in   very   simple   and   easy   to   understand   form   that could    be    offensive    to    some    engineers    and    'experts'    Viewer discretion is advised). :)
Introduction to Distributed Wireless Systems - Part 1 Duration : 23 m 01 s
Trying   to   make   sense   of   all   different   cellular   outdoor   and   in- building   wireless   systems?   In   this   first   part,   we’ll   discussed   the building   blocks   of   a   cell   site   and   different   types   of   systems such   as   macro   cells,   small   cells,   micro   cells   (including   Pico   and Femto   Cells)   and   DAS   or   Distributed   Antenna   Systems.   Let   red wireless   clear   out   some   of   the   myths   and   bring   light   to   current 'distributed'    wireless    models    with    this    simple    and    easy    to understand video.
What is the Internet of Things? Duration : 6 m 32 s
We've   all   heard   the   term,   the   'Internet   of   Things',   but   what   is it?   In   this   simple   and   short   video   we   give   our   view   on   the subject,     including     differences     between     every     day     simple connected   devices   (which   doesn’t   necessarily   make   them   an IoT    Smart     device)    and    new    smarter    ones    equipped    with sensors    capable   of   giving   us   efficiency,   cost   savings,   longer wireless range and data analytics.
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Industrial Remote Monitoring Solutions used in Geotechnical Engineering Duration 4 m read
The   Industrial   Internet   of   Things   (IIoT)    ranks   among   the   top   5 sought   after   applications   for   automation.   But   the   complexities of    the    various    industrial    disciplines,    such    as    construction, environmental   and   geotechnical   makes   it   a   daunting   task   even to   the   savviest   of   technology   professionals.   This   is   why   the regulatory    compliance    folks    at    Rhino    Wireless    and    their geotechnical    partners    at    HAE    &    Associates    turned    to    rēd wireless and AEP Losant for help.
Specialized Wireless Remote Monitoring Solutions