After   a   full   year   of   evaluation,   testing   and design   of   dozens    of   sensors ,   gateways ,   processes       and      at      least      7      different software   platforms ,   we   are   now   ready   to deliver    full    end-to-end     ‘turnkey’    remote monitoring   long   range   wireless   solutions. Now    that    our    2nd    phase     of    Proof    of Concept’     (PoC)    has    been    completed.    we look   to   help   important   verticals   such   as Cold   Chain ,   Real   Estate ,   Food   Service    and Farming     among    many    others    automate their    data    collecting,    with    active    smart alerts and custom reports
August 3, 2019 - rēd labs, Troy MI
Temperature & Humidity Sensors
Our sensors’ features
Some of our solutions’ applications
designed for the Internet of Things 
Troy, Michigan USA
Remote Monitoring  | Data Reporting  | Custom Alerts
Smart wireless remote monitoring solutions
“…and how are you going to connect that?
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